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Bringing Up Baby (media Watch) Lock Rss

Like the show? Watch THIS!

(referring to the lady that puts the outside and is super strict)
The Times revealed that Verity wasn't a qualified maternity nurse - or a nurse of any kind. She holds neither a diploma in child care, nor a business degree, as she claimed.

Channel 4 washed its hands of Claire Verity over a year ago. But the ABC seemed blissfully unaware of any of this, until its viewers started writing in.

You should really check someones qualifications before letting them into your home to tell you how to raise your child!
I haven't watched it, but I would be just a tad wary of a show that needed a disclaimer like THIS:

"Some of the parenting practices advocated by the mentors in this series are not consistent with current, scientifically based, safe sleeping messages and can increase the risks of sudden and unexpected death in infancy including SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents.

The ABC advises that the term "maternity nurse" used in this program does not signify a professionally qualified nurse but rather someone with experience in caring for babies and children."

And holy crap @ that woman having ppl park their newborn in the front yard and then go inside and shut the door!

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