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Yugumbir Primary School & Stretton State College Lock Rss

My DD will be starting prep next year, we have put her name down at Yugumbir Primary School & Stretton State College. We live out of the catchment area for both schools but she does attend daycare across from Yugumbir, so just wondering what these schools are like and what our chances are of getting it them with living out of the catchment area.

Heather, daughter Abby 21/07/04


I have heard that Yugumbir Primary School is a really good school, a friend of mine has her son there, and she is a school teacher, so it must be. Have you got any good schools in your catchment area, I think it is really hard to get into if you don't live in the catchment area, maybe you can ring them. My son goes to the ABC across the road from Yugumbir and my daughter did last year, it's a really good centre, the staff are great.
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