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Why is it??? Rss

that the more you clean the more they pull things out and make a bigger mess???

Thats it Im going on strike!!!!
When you know please let me know ... it drives me barmy too lol

Oh and I remembered the name of those tyres too Nikki LOL .. they were Federals!

i've said b4 - sure fire way to get your kids to play with something they haven't touched in ages is to pack it away. LOL
Hahaha my DD is the same especially when it comes to the DVD rack. As soon as I start to pick them up and put them away she starts pulling them out again so I wait until she goes to bed and then do it lol.

Hayley''s going to be a big sister smile EDD 3.3.10

omg! im hearin ya! lol, im trying to clear up the toy room and get a room ready for new bubs soon its insane!
Its just their way Nikki! lol!

Just another unsolvable mystery that comes with Children! lol!

Like... Why do they get their clothes the dirties THE SECOND you dress them??

WHY all of a sudden do they all get thirsty or need to pee or do something REALLY important as soon as u say "Bed Time!"??

WHY they feel that a bottle of cordial on a nice clean and freshly washed floor is an improvement???

LOL its just their way!
PMSL Daisy I guess you are right lol

Jo I cant believe you were still thinking about them hehe. Too funny. I ended up getting 2 kumohs fitted and balanced plus a puncture repair for $300 even so Im ok with that lol
lol ... I wasn't going to be happy Nikki till I could remember the name haha
can you please tell me how to avoid it when u have the answer please??!! thanks! Honest to god! Its the one thing that ticks me off to the point i just want to yell and scream, at noone in particular, just the air!! lol
glad to know I am not the only one who goes through this lol. I put their toys away and they magically appear again ARGH!!! lol

Can't wait until they have their rumpus room for all of their toys.

HAHA we dont have a rumpus room but we do have a spare bedroom that acts as a toy room and it doesnt help matters.

Jo thats funny as. I have to admit Im like that though smile

Oh I know...
This happens to me..
My junk draws are the worst...
And also DF never notices that I have spent all day doing these things heheh!!!
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