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Gardening with kids Lock Rss

We have one of the new "Big W" houses so our "landscaping" is a little interesting. lol I'm going to move a bit of stuff around and see what happens. Do you get seeds or seedlings? I'm thinking of a trip out to the LIA tomorrow to get everything I need.
I don't garden myself, so NFI, just popped into say I agree, you say she is advanced, I think she is gifted.

Ta ta time to go look at dolls houses for miss Myn!
I brought a couple of big pots and the girls planted Strawberries! They thought that was awesome and so did our dog Kiara! Seems she got more 'use' out of the strawberries than we did. hehe

We also did a vege garden with herbs, tomatoes, zucchini (the kids LOVE home grown zuchini), corn and sqaushes... I forgot about the Lettuces...

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Ds and Dh are my vege gardeners, they just put in the seeds from what we've eaten and we now have lots to eat. Tomatoes (grande Lisse, cherry and some others), peppers (capsicums) avocado tree (not grown yet but getting there), beans, snow peas,strawberries, lettuce, passionfruit etc etc. Some seeds we have bought and some were little shoots.

Plant Basil in between your tomatoes and it will keep away the insects (I was going to say bugs, lol) We just use the cheapo soil from bunnings and the sun and water do the rest. Ds has his own kids spade, fork and gloves, it's very cute.
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my vegie patch looks like and over grown weed infested dump.....

i like to garden but hate been outside in the sun cause i burn really easily when i forget to put sunblock on

so my is and overgrown mess..

oh well i will get to it one day...
i grrew cherry toms when sonja was tow and she kept pulling them off and eating them when they were green no matter how many times i told her we wait itll they go red!! LOL and she would feed them to the dogs so where they pooped we had more grow.
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