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Found a spring in the weetbix this morning Lock Rss

Hey everyone,
Need some advice. My hubby was feeding our 13 month old twins their weetbix for breakfast this morning and discovered a spring - obviously from manufacturing. My problem is how or who to contact about this as it is Saturday and therfore no one working.
Any help would be good.
We've kept the spring - didn't wash it just left it in a ziplock bag as it was found and won't be eating anything else out of that box.
Thanks in advance.

Bett, NSW, 2 boys & Twins 19.2.08

Contact the supermarket you bought it from - they can tell you what to do smile
Get onto the Sanitarium Website. They will have a phone no. and an email section where you will be able to contact them.
We had a similar thing with a Dolmio sause a few months ago. Ended up gettin a whole heap of free products which was a unexpected bonus.
[Edited on 21/03/2009]
yeah i would be calling the weetbix placce and iff thay wont help call your council health department and thay will soon tell you what to do,

and goodwork off keeping it and i so happy that the twins didnt eat it,

Put the ziplock bag in the freezer so it doesnt get ikky and give thier number a call. Sanitarium always deal with this sort of thing quickly.

Cheers Ness

1800 673 392

i found a hair IN some cadbury chocolate - i pretty much just shrugged it off and ate around it lol. But i did call them, they sent out a post bag for me to return the hair, and i got a BOX of stuff.... choc, marshmallowws, choc choc choc!! Its a nice gesture....

Let us know what happens!!

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