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hi everyone,well me & my hubby are having our combined 40th very soon,we are trying to really keep to a budget(having jst come bak frm overseas).anyway we are having it a home and had decided since starts at 3pm,do the whole nibbles things then later just a big sausage fine with this but hubby is panicking it seems to cheap of us but there prob be bout 50 people so i think it will be fine.wat wld u think if u went to aparty and it was a sausage sizzle for latere,as already planning savories ,cracker an dips etc for the trying to keep it as simple as poss cos i dont want to be stuck in a kitchen at all!! so if u have any suggestions for easy arvo nibbles/finger food that wld be great.its also a byo.and of cpourse bday cake.thsx ladies appreciate any replies.

shell 4yr old & 16mth

i think that would be fine.

you could also get your friends to bring different things to eat, potato salad, normal salad, chips etc.

i dont think its cheap.

I dont think its too cheap. When we a a party we do a bbq.

But if i want to try and make it alittle fancy go to:

They have good recipes for anything...


if people think it is cheap it is them that are too uppity not you that are cheap
your feeding them and graceing them with your company allowing them to believes they are on your friend list what more would they need

thanks ladies appreciate the replies and feel lots beta .

shell 4yr old & 16mth

Sounds great to me, I much prefer a casual party than one where they lay out all the casseroles and stuff and you have to try and balance it on a paper plate and half the time standing up to eat it. Would much rather have a sausage in a roll!

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