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DF has just started a new job which involves travel. He left for Cairns yesterday, and will be gone for 3 weeks.

For those who's partners also travel with work, does it get easier? Its only day one, and already i miss him so much. I feel so sad, empty and lonely - like i have nothing to look forward too. Ive never been away from him for more than a weekend, so three weeks is such a long time.

Im feel kinda pathetic - im sure many women go through the same thing and they seem to be completely fine. Will blame it on the preggy hormones...

Hi smile

I know how you feel, my DH is often away for work. He runs a glass business and scored a contract up in Hamilton Island (we live in Sydney) and he got to go live up there for 2 months, and flew me up for a few holidays which was a good perk!! wink

He also drives a race car & travels around the country racing ect. Although im always invited to this don't go interstate cos i have to work.

I'v gotten used to it, i appreciate the time i have alone at home to just watch whatever on TV and just have 'me time'.

You might find it makes your relationship better because as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder!!

Good luck smile

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Hi Kyles smile

DH is in the Army and often goes away on course, out bush or on deployments. He is currently on course for 2 months, then he is home for 10 days then out bush again for 3 weeks, bush is the hardest cos there is no contact while they are away.

I promise though that it does get easier! Once you are settled in to a routine, it gets much easier. As the PP stated, after a little while you will start to enjoy the "me" time smile And I think that some time apart is good for a relationship, it makes me realise just how lucky I am to have him and how much I really do love him!

If you ever need to talk, just PM me, I'm happy to talk smile


My DH has been working away for 10 years this year, he is in the mining industry. We have had 3 kids while he's been doing various rosters, ranging from 6 weeks on, 1 week off, all the way to 5 days on 2 days off (currently having every weekend off).

It used to be very hard, and even now if he does a longer than normal stint then I find that I miss him soo much, and I get a bit more ratty with the kids! But I find nowadays that life is so full and I have so much to do with and for the kids and the house and myself that I barely have time to miss him anymore! So yes it gets much easier.

Just remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder! It makes the time that you do have together so much more special.
my hubby has wkd away since i met him all over australia hes arigger,we been to gether 8half yrs got matrriedalong the way an have 2 kids 6 an 3.he had a yr off wit another job round town,but went bak to anoither job,mon ey was jst not gd round town wk.i we absolutely loved having him home got to do so much togtehr anfd go away places,but we were struggling to much and he was kinda headhunted for this hes away bout 3 wks at a time and a week at home.but he 5 weeks off over xmas we went camping for 2 wks ,we jst came bak frm 2 wks in nz last its gd in that way that when hes home he doesnt have to b at wk,an take our son yto school etc.i hate it when we are invited to things and i always have to go on my own with kids or without.hard to catch up with friends altogether.i get so used to my ways and my routine dves me bit crazy when he comes bak.i di find myself still even now jst living to get thur the times hes away waiting for him to be home.i uaually think i love been here opn my own but jst feel so m uch beta an secure when hes miss him to much of course but always talk on phone(when hes in covergae areas).i dont like this life its very tiring i wk 2 days wk,hav erun kids to swimming an soccor and everything else on my own,only have my aunt who lives here in australia an she still not live close enough.mother in law see here now an then when she not busy.but we always have stuff to use to it but not use it hate it really.i swore when he got the job round town he was to nevber wk away gain,and told them all that no he wasnt taking the job,but in the end money won over and we will have our pd off way quicker,and then we can afford him be home all the time.

shell 4yr old & 16mth

Kyles hang in there. It will get easier. My DH works away, anywhere between 6-12 weeks (usually 9) and then is home the same amount of time. I wont lie some days it absolutely sucks and I cry and I don't know how I can keep doing it (I have DD 3.5 and DS 15months). BUT in the morning I wake up and ready for the next day. Keep busy. Plan things to do so that you have something to look forward to, the next day or on the weekend and take focus off the 3 weeks. I noticed your pregnant so focus all your energy on keeping your baby healthy. Go for a walk. When I am having a bad day I go to the gym and feel so much better. Look at it as your chance to do something just for you. I use my time to watch all the girly movies that DH is not that keen on!! AND I get to control the remote and computer!!! YAY.
Msg if you need a chat.

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