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Nudy Run......Hi Girls.......xxxxxx

[Edited on 03/04/2009]
I thought those boobies looked familiar!! Hello gorgeous stranger.
Hello Dharlings...yes Bugs dont my boobs look good...I finally stopped breast feeding (ok so it has only been 4 days, but I am pretty proud of myself) hope you are well...I speak with TP on FB quite a whos pregnant, whos divorced and whos cheating.... am very bored today and need some Goss....xxxxxx

Oh mY Lord mean to say that Hugs let you back on????

As above.

[Edited on 03/04/2009]
Last time I was on, you had been removed, maybe 12/18 months ago.....I think

or am I losing it?


[Edited on 03/04/2009]
I like those boobies. I particularly like the lack of cleavage there Greek!!!

Are you in the footytips I've been meaning to ask you?!
I am in does hugs have a group this year....also babe am trying to locate Bugs on FB...can you help me?

p.s Nice name change!!!

I'm glad you like the name change. If Bugs gives me the ok I'll do the friend suggestion thingy.

I'm in the same group as last years for the hugs group. You should be able to activate your account in there again.
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