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I've been shopping Lock Rss

And this time my card has to be maxed out. 'Cause I bought a house. Or rather I saw one, called DH and told him to buy it as it is my dream home. They accepted the offer 20 minutes ago!!! I just hope he likes it when he sees it. lol
Where did you buy hunni? Are you in P or still up north? Come on tell the real estate agent everything!!!

Haha no more online shopping for you!! Congratulations!

Just sent you a PM my real estate guru! WHo says no more online shopping??? Wash your mouth out with a gift voucher!
Coles online shoppping is coming to Perth next month!! Woo Hoo boy am I excited!!!

that is excellent news.

hope he loves the house as much as you do smile

Woo hoo, how cool!!

Please PM me & tell me where it is!

And yay to the person who is excited about Coles online shopping. Glad to know I'm not the only one smile
ohhhh i hope its close to perth!!!

i wont PM you though lol only cause you'll prob think im snooping hehehe
It's very close to Perth. lol
Oh yayyyy so we can have a meet up yah?
I'm in Perth now, free next week...
I am popping a champers for you tonight. Congratulations on your purchase. Do you need an interior decorator? Or just someone to celebrate with!!

Lovely news. I'm sorry I missed your call today we were at playgroup and singing the little teapot song at the very time my phone came out with DS's favourite ringtone who let the dogs out who who whowho...
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