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Postpartum bleeding - how long can it last?? Lock Rss

My daughter is 5 months old and I have only had 3 weeks in total where I haven't been bleeding to some extent. I have been back on the pill for about 3 months but it doesn't seem to have helped. Has anyone experienced something similar?
My daughter is 6 weeks, and at about 4 weeks, I went into hospital for day surgery due to postpartum bleeding. I had to have a curette done. I was losing clotts of blood. To this day I am still bleeding and if it continues I have to go back to the doctors and have another ultrasound. Have been told I can't get any type of contraception (pill, implant in arm etc) due to the bleeding being all over the place and that I will have to wait till I get a regular period. Yours may be a different cause though, so maybe go back to your doctor and ask, you shouldn't be bleeding for that much time, that is a long time. And maybe if you aren't happy with your doctors opinion, get a second opinion. Though the choice is yours as to what you do. Goodluck

I was bleeding for around 9 weeks and had to have a couple of internal ultrasounds to determine if there was something amiss. The first found that a bit of my placenta remained (a tiny bit) the doc decided to do another u/s a few weeks later and found that it had all gone.

I would def recommend you to go to your dr and speak to them about it.

Cheers Jo

mum of 1

i think the pill made me bleed for about 2 months but aftre the baby it had stopped after about 7 weeks or so.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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