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need advise please!!!!! Lock Rss

ok i have not been on this site for a while now, nut need some advise or opions....
ok my mother in law has not spoken to us since her birthday in the start of januray, we all were sick and could not go to her birthday lunch, but did invite her around to our place for a coffee and cake, she cracked it at me as i was on the phone with her, she told me not to worry about it and hung up.....
so my problem is she has sent my son a easter present in the mail, we are thinking of sending it back. she is the only grandparent in the state, and i just find it very hard to belive that she is making no effort to see him... oh and i forgot to mention she lives 15 mins away.
so i guess i was just wondering what you would do in the same situation....
thanks for listening

Well MIL certainly has the sulks on LOL. She should have been more understanding of the fact that you were all too sick to attend her lunch and been appreciative of the fact you didn't share the bug around!! It's not like you did it on purpose sheesh.

Now I'm a bitch and if this happened to me with my ex-MIL, I would have sent the gift straight back with a note saying "why bother now when you can't even make an effort to come 15mins to see your grandchild..thanks but no thanks and don't bother doing it again"

Sounds like she's got on her high horse and is sitting waiting for you to come to her, and that's probably why she sent the gift in the mail, hoping that it will make you at least contact her to say thank-you.

What sort of relationship does your parnter/hubby have with her? That'd be the first consideration before doing anything. If they usually get along then I'd wait and see but if she does this when she doesn't get her own way then I'd send it back and cut all ties.

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

well me just to be spitefull i would show up on her door step that that ds can say thanks nanny i thought you had forgotten about me. lol

I would send it back marked not known at this address!! HAHA that would certainly get her there to check wouldnt it????

Seriously though Tys has an Aunt and Uncle (on his dads side) who do the same. There are no ill feelings that I am aware of but instead of coming to visit him they post his gifts or send them via Tys' Pa. Not good enough in my book but what can I do???
hmm.. how mature of her.
I say take the presents in the mail, but dont call and say anything. Stand your ground, be strong. It's her problem if she wants to miss out on precious time with her grandchild.

thanks for your replys ladies,,, my partner is the one who wants to send it back, he said if she does not want to see him then she is not sending him a present, i have never known someone to think of herself as much as she does, the women just sh!ts me, so i put the present in the cuboard till he gets home and he can decide what he wants to do with it..... my partner is just a stuborn as she is, so should be an interesting easter lol


I don't know the history of your relationship with your MIL but I would be the bigger person and phone her to say thanks.

She does sound like she is behaving in a very childish manner and if your husband and her don't get along then you risk getting caught in the middle.

I don't envy you! All the best.
I dont think you should send it back.

You could take the present in 2 ways;
1- She has still got the sooks on and is refusing to come see you but doesn't want your son to miss out
2- Maybe she wants to get back in contact but shes ashamed of the way she acted so shes sent the present as an olive branch of sorts, like shes trying to say sorry but shes not sure of your reaction so shes putting the ball in your court.

Maybe you should call her and say Thank you for the present, we received it and then maybe mention your son is missing her and it would be good for him to see her again?

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