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Thanks Australia Rss

Good on all Aussies who donated to the Melbourne Royal Children's Hospital Appeal yesterday - over $13.8 Million raised, up $1.4 mill from last year!!!
Well done - especially since we are in a global financial crisis, and we have raised so much for the bushfires.
The RCH not only treats Melb or Vic children. They treat babies from all over Australia, and Australasia! And if you have had the unfortunate need to go to the hossi, the staff are all Fantastic!

I am a very Proud Aussie today!!! Thanks Australia!
Thanks for that up-date - what a fantastic effort!!

I know Tasmanian children rely alot upon the good people of the RCH and their fantastic work..

Well done Australia!!
OMG I can't believe everybody raised more than last year after the bush fires and with the economy at the moment.

Awesome effort to all Australians out there!!!!!

How awesome is that!

Thats fantastic. Everyone who donated should be very proud. Seems the scary financial crap doesnt suffocate the good ole Aussie spirit of helping out ya mate.

Cheers Ness

Wow how good is that to beat last years record.

Well Done to everyone that donated smile]

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