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My kids are 9 (son), 5.5 (daughter), 2 (son) and 4 months. Number four is our 'bonus' baby - a bit unexpected, but a blessing. We only intended to have three but, after three, four isn't a huge difference. The jump from two to three is the hardest. Never a dull moment and lots of fun, as long as you are organised and have a supportive husband, I say go for it.

Back to things I have learned, though - I thought of some more -

* two hands for four kids is not enough
* If I love it, someone will accidentally break it
* my two year old CAN fit himself in the dryer
* toddlers won't eat cauliflower but they'll eat sand
* When I get to the doctor my child will be instantly better
* Playdough looks like food to a two-year-old

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why is the jump from 2 - 3 harder than 3 - 4. LOL he can fit himself in the dryer. LOL thats kinda funny... scary but funny...

the sand thing yeah eilish dont like fairy trees (broccoli and cauliflour) but she'll eat pot plant dirt and leafs bark sticks and anything else gross.

she loves cauliflour too..


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As far as 1-2 kids go, the jump is obviously a big one, but you still have a hand for each, people will still babysit for two and that sort of thing. Most holiday deals are for two adults, two children, fitting comfortably in the car and into bedrooms etc isn't too hard for two kids. I think that 3 kids doubles your workload. The extra washing, ironing, picking up etc seems to double. You only have two hands, you need a bigger car or have to squash tham all in. I really can't explain the jump from 2-3 but it really stretches you physically and emotionally. As a result of that big jump, though, number four just fits right into the program here at home and is a dream. I have spaced tham apart a bit, though, so I have one at school, one at preschool and two home all day. This gives the little ones time with mum. My MIL and Mum are amazing, and help a lot. My MIL takes ironing home for me and takes my bigger ones home from school once a week or so for playdates or afternoon tea. She also takes my 2 year old occasionally for park trips, library or just play at Grandma's. This, and my perents babysitting sometimes, really helps. I am very blessed to have a supportive family and Hubby who is great on his own with the kids while I get some 'me time'.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

I have learnt that;

- my mum is a saint and i would be lost without her!

- electrical appliances send secret messages to children asking them to play with them and eat them!

- Even though i am the mother, i am not the boss. The boss of the house is the 11month old.

- renevating a house with a baby is the stupidest thing i've ever done.

- single mums are incredible

- your house is NEVER as clean as you think it is, children can always find something to eat that they simply shouldnt!

- Being a mum is the most fulfilling job in the world!

Your post just made my afternoon! Well said. I agree with everything you said...except the renovating - haven't done that, thank goodness!

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

i have also leant that i should not remind my 4 yr old when its a preschool day the next day as its guarenteed to make him want to sleep in but when i say sleep in in the morning there is no preschool he is up at the crack of dawn!

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Posted by: vkw
this forum is to post the things you have learned from eg. i have learned that i should not have given my baby the froth from my cappucino or some of my cake as i now always miss out!

learnt your lesson yet?

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