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So sick of the mess!! Rss

DH has decided that we need an extra room so he is building a wall..
Our house has gyprock dust all thru it and tools and ladders everywhere!
I hope he's done soon! Soooo sick of the mess!

But now we've decided we'll probably have another baby, I want to start on it now! LOL
We really need to wait til next year at the earliest tho - so we have it when I've finished my degree...

Bit scared about having a third tho!! Eeek!
I know how you feel as we had a 3rd bubba who was a huge and very happy surprise so we have needed to do something about getting extra space and more rooms.

So instead of buying a bigger house and shifting we are in the middle of an extension and I am over sleeping on a mattress on the floor and all the dust and other stuff lol lol!!!

I know we only have about another 2 - 2 1/2 weeks and the extension will be finished YAY!!! It will all be worth it so soon as we get a new master bedroom with ensuite and walk in robe, the kids will all have their own rooma nd the kids get a playroom for all of their toys!!

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