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I pregnant with my second and i have returned to work since giving birth to my first almost 2 years ago. I know it is hard to find work now that i'm pregnant again but can anyone give ideas on how to earn money without going back to work and with forking out heaps of money to get started.

Steph, Sunshine Coast QLD, 21mth old & 2nd coming

SORRY - I haven't returned back to work.

Steph, Sunshine Coast QLD, 21mth old & 2nd coming

Have you thought about being mystery shopper

Ive done a couple of jobs where you hand out surveys for 3 hours and get paid $120 per job. but depends on where you live and if there is a need for mystery shoppers. Most jobs that i get ask you to spend like $5 with is either funded or refunded and you answer questions via internet on how good that stores customer service is and you might earn $25. Something to think about hey!

i only know of 2 but im sure there are many more out there

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