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Hi everyone,

My little girl Emily is one next month and i'm trying to think of what to get her for her 1st birthday!!! I really want to get her something that she can keep for when she's older, and something that will mean something to her one day but due to her waking at all hours of the night and my excessive lack of sleep, my brain can't come up with any ideas!!
Can anyone help me???

Hi Amanda,

since I have a little boy turning 1 next week I hope these are girly enough, I have seen at Prouds really nice money boxes etc things like that which she can keep for when she is older or a musical carousel, I have brought my boy the little peoples farm and train set they are aged 1 to 5 so hopefully he will get some use out of it. I think it's easier to buy nice things for girls then for boys!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope this helps


Jean, Qld, Ethan 14/8/03

I Know exactly how you both feel my little man is 1 next week and I have no idea what to get him. We are also having a naming ceremony on his birthday and also need to come up with something to get him for that. Any suggestions?
Amanda, why not get your little angel a gold i.d braclet and have her name and date of birth engraved on it. There are some really cute one's out there. I was given one when I was little, it had a little blue bird on it.
Hope I've helped.
Oh i really like the idea of a gold braclett! thanks for that! i totally forgot that i have one of those! i was adopted and my birth mother gave me a gold braclett without the engraving to my mum when i was born to give to me when i was older! i got it on my 21st and im so glad that i have it! i think i will go and look into that!

I also like the idea of a jewllery box, i also had one when i was a kid and i thought it was great!
I really don't know what you get for a naming ceremony! am real sorry! Emily was christened and people gave her books, toys, clothes etc nothing out of the ordianary! although we did get this really cool ornament that is of a lady holding a baby and they are molded into one if you get the idea! its really nice and quite special to me!
Your story about the bracelet your birth mum gave you made me all teary! That is amazing. It must have been hard for your Mum, though, to hold on to it and then give it to you. She must be a very secure lady. I guess it's true when they say that adopted babies may not be born from their mother's wombs, but are born from their hearts! The bracelet idea seems to be something that will have double the value to you now. Happy Birthday Little Ones!!!

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

My little girl was one yesterday so i will telly ou some of the good ideas for presents. She got 2 blue bird bracelets and a brooch with her name and dob on them. She got engraved first tooth and first curl boxes. She got a charm bracelet with a gold "1" on it and each year that person is going to add another number. Someone bought her a print of a sheep which has all about the year of the sheep being the year that she was born - it is like a comical picture - very cute. Someone did up a frame with all of the important things that have happened on the date she was born. I can email you the website if you would like it. Other things were clothes and toys etc. She got a coupe car, a sandpit, a cubby house, a see saw, a climbing gym, money etc let your imagination run wild. There is a porcelain doll in Homeart part of the collectors edition called Emily which she got that would be appropriate for your daughter. Also books like fairy tale books etc where you can write in the front to my daughter etc etc. I did up a 2m by 2m collage of photos of her first year and framed it and covered it in perspex and it now hangs proudly in her room - it has all of the important people in her life on it. Let your imagination run wild. Oh she also got a swarkovski crystal butterfly as she was having a buttefly party and each year they are going to add to the collection. If you live in Sydney you can go to the bear factory at westfield parramatta dn you can buy individual bears and record a persoal message they also have a heart sewn in them by the shop and you get to kiss the heart before it is inserted - her cousins bought her this, kissed the heart and recorded themselves singing happy firsst bday emily etc etc. If i think of any more i will post again.
Hi Emilygsmum, You've made some great suggestions, I'd love to know the website address your talking about and also if you have any ideas for my son's birthday tomorrow. He's having his party on sayurday as well as his naming day. I wanted to give him something special but have only come up with a few little bits and pieces any ideas?
I Might have to check out the shop at parra. Thanks again.
Wow it sounds as though your little emily (great name!) was very spoilt on her birthday!!! I wish i could be as organised as you, unfortunatley i think about things but do everything at the last minute!! I would love the website address of the year of the sheep if you have it. My email address is
I'm definitley going to get her a climbing gym as she loves to climb!! thanks for all of your ideas! We live in New Zealand so we don't have those shops here but i will look around to see if we have anything similar. I hope your emily had a great first birthday! i can't wait till my emily is one! it has gone so fast it makes me a little sad!
I am going to give her a gold braclett like the one my birth mum gave me, all of my brothers and sisters are adopted, so yeah my parents are very special people, in fact i dont think i could ever meet any one more special than them!

The website for the bear (and oyu can order from nz) is The website for the Today in History info is or but you can only do this for the day of the birth so it might be a belated present ifyou use the second web page. The second web page is the more updated one.

The year of the sheep wasnt actually from me it was a present from a friend and she said she got the print at Parklea Markets but she has seen them in a lot of picture shops etc.

Other ideas - you can get engraved pewter trains and helicopters etc etc at Parklea Markets they are pretty cheap and they will put whatever youlike on there. DOB, Name, Happy Birthday etc etc.

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