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Hi all Mummies out there
I was just wondering how many of you watch LOST?? I missed it on Thursday 30th March can any of you tell me what happened? Its my favourite show and i would really love to hear what happened. I was asleep after a long car trip and i nearlly cried when i woke up at 9:30 and realised that i watched it. Please help me

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I love Lost also i would just die if i missed it.

Go to and follow the links it will recap last nights eposide.



Before the island Anna Lucia was a cop who got shot in the line of duty. She was preg at the time. When they caught the guy that shot her she refused to ID him. She went after him later and shot him 6 times, 3 times at point blank range.

The blonde girl she shot on the island is dead, so she tied up the Iraqi guy thiking that he was goping to try to kill her. Eventually she let him go.

The big black guy carried Sawyer back to Jack and he and Kate are looking after him. He is really bad...septic, the infection has spread to his bloodstream.

That is about it, it was a bit slow. Next week is going to be awesome though!
I think they only repeated last week's ep because of commonwealth games. Not sure though.
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