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I've noticed that on the forums we have a few sections that relate to our children: Pregnancy, Newborn, Baby & Toddler. But what if we want to discuss our older kids? Do we stop needing advice after they are 3yrs old??? Are they just "General?" I think not.

This is a cry out to Huggies to ask for an "Older Children" section, because I'm sure there are other parents who need advice about their kids over 4yrs old.

Come on Huggies, I've asked for this a few times and never got a response, so I'm asking all the members now, please post that you would find a section like this valuable...please!

Jo, Sydney mama of 2 boys

I agree with Mamajj I think we need a section for our older kids as most of us have older kids as well and still need advice on them, just because they have gotten over 2 yrs old doesn't mean we dont' need advice and help with them anymore, actually I think we often need more help with the older kids.

So come on why not start up a new section for our older children that would be great smile

Hi I have twin 3 year olds and twin 4 month olds and I agree that there should be a section for older kids. I think that you still need advice and it's great to be able to discuss with other mums who have been there/done that or who are experiencing the same thing as you are.

I would definitely find it valuable.

QLD Mum of 5

i agree i think we sould also have a forum for mother with 5-12 year olds and teens that are 13-20 even thought wethey are older we still need advice when they are that age just because other mothers dont have babies or prego they still have other children that are older thy still need advice
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