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Tantrums and my 1 year old..HELP!! Lock Rss

My son is a few days off 1 and has started throwing tantrums. Yesterday I was at the play ground with a couple of friends and there little ones. And as soon as we arrived there, as usual Noah goes straight for the garden bed to play in the dirt and to find a stick to carry around (his fav. passtime) when I noticed he picked up the biggest stick he could find. I freaked, thinking he'd fall on it and poke his eye out (seeing as though he still isn't 100% steady on his feet), I went to take it off him and replace it with a small one and he screamed. Feeling extremely embarrased, I picked him up and tried to move him out of the garden and encourage him to play with something else. Unfortunately he did the same thing again, only this time he through in a little leg kicking for more effect. PLEASE HELP ME! Does anyone know how I can deal with this behaviour? I don't believe in smacking. And ignoring the problem doesn't seem to be helping either does distractions. I need urgent help before I go insane.
i really cant help ya. smacking and ignoring would be the other things i could reccomend.. LOL

when eilish used to do it i used to walk away saying bye mummy doesn't wanna be around you if you're gonna be silly (obviously dont walk to far... or dont stop watching them) and she's usually snap outta it cuz she knew mummy walked off a little way... saying bye bye to her still works sometimes. then if she continued to do it i then warned her three times and the third time was a smack. (i dont mean beating the crap outta her a small slap on her hand and then we'd go home) she learnt that being silly was NOT on.

she also LOOOOOVES sticks and rocks and stuff... LOL thats the first things she goes for in the park and walking too.. (shes 2) she's always loved sticks and stuff...

Good luck *HUGEST HUGS*

let me know how you get along or if you find a better solution or more ideas. i always love new ideas.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

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