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can anyone remember? Rss

It must be a few years ago now but there were a few on here following a little boys story through myspace (before facebook was the in thing). He had Shaken Baby Syndrome from his babysitter. I vaguely remember his mums name was Kristy or Kirsty and they were from the US. I just logged into my myspace account (havn't been on for so long - it's all changed!) but seriously can't think how to find this mums page/blog about how her boy is doing.

Can anyone help???????

Hi Hereis her page. Not sure if you have to be friends with her to see it as it's been ages since i've used myspace but she is on my friends list

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

That's it! thanx heaps! I never sent a friend request cos she literally had hundreds flooding in. Thanx again

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