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whats the longest... Lock Rss

period of time that you have looked after your child/ren on your own without your partner or family around?
(apart from single mummies)

DH is going away for 9 days and i will be alone with Ash the whole time (hopefully i wont have to see the monster in law) lol
lol, i was going to answer..but dont qualify lol

3 days 2 nights.

But dh also works full time and goes to tafe 4 nights a week and most of those days her leaves home before the kids are up and comes home well after they are in bed asleep. He has been doing tafe and work like this for the last 2.5yrs.

i''''m baking a baby

5 or 6 days, I think that's the most for me...
5 days ....we were ok a bit of a mess but we survived !! LOL LOL LOL
on one hand i cant wait for the man to get out of my hair and give us some peace but i wont have anyone to fall back on when ashlee cracks it (as she is doing right now!)
never actually as my mum has always been only a phone call away
not that i needed her but she was always there insisting on helping and yes i was greatful

Jeebus- I don't think I could do 9 days! Haven't done it yet, but Nick goes on tour in July and will be 4 days I think. Yuk sad
about 30 days in one hit....
I don't know how defence wives do it, I am in awe of them!
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8 weeks

3 days at most!!!! Ex Dp worked away for 2 weeks at a time and Ex MIL would be over every 2 or 3 days to see if i was coping!!!!
6 weeks is the longest so far, he travels quite often, sometimes for just a week, other times a month or more. I actually don't mind too much, you get used to it and get your own little routine going, it's when he returns, the first few days are chaos lol. Night time when the kids are all asleep is when you really miss them!!

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