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6 months is the longest that DF has ever been away at one time. He was up north doing an annual defence engineers thing, they build homes and other things for Indigenous people. He's done that twice. Other than that he goes away for no less than 2 weeks at a time (about once a month).

Any deployment he does is 4 months. And I tell ya what, I am so over the whole thing. Can't wait till we leave the Army behind!!

[Edited on 25/04/2009]
2 weeks.. DH goes on a fishing comp each year. One time i had only the 5 kids but was 8 months pregnant!!
I think it was 10days that DH was away for in the Hunter was back when I had 3 children and DD3 was just sleeping better at night thanks to the 'laying down approach'. A couple of weeks after he came back I was pregnant with bub #4,lol.
My husband works away he is overseas this time the most we have done is 7 weeks but i am in the process of an 11 weeks stint he comes home for 2 and goes back

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