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hi to all the mums out there
just a little note on immunisation,I have recently got a call from the department saying that my 22 month old is not fully immunised.all my records show that she is and im not one to miss a scheduled shot.I went to the doctors to sort out the problem,and even though his computer also says she has all the needles but the purple slip they fill out wasnt filed properly i know have to put my poor DD through having another injection. So please make sure that the paper work is filled in properly and computer records are done while you are still in the Drs room.
Isn't it bad enough they have changed the polio drops to a needle.who ever thought of that could not have been a parent.

P.S i have this problem even though i have already been paid the immunisation allowance(months ago)

chris wa 1yr, 2yrs 14 yr

You can check your childs immunisation records yourself. Just go to and follow prompts for immunisation register.
Hi Bizzymum I was just looking at the medicare website mum to Sam mentioned and it says on there that if the immunisation register shows that your child is not up to date you may be asked to submit an immunisation history form. This needs to be completed by the doctor or immunisation provider confrming the childs immunisation status. This form should then be sent to immunisation register so that any missing vaccination details can be recorded. Maybe this is what you will need to do so DD hasn't got to have another needle. Hope this helps.

Kel, Tas, mother to Ryan 5 mnths

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