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Child Care = Social Skills?? Lock Rss

i dont think at Ahslee's age she NEEDS to go to care... but i do think that maybe the year before they go to school one or two days a week can help get them used to being in a school like environment.

i wish i could afford to put DS into care one day a week. but he never sees other kids besides his sister, but they are just starting to "play together" he crawls around the floor and lets her chase him, or he dances for her and makes her laugh which makes him laugh which makes her laugh.... well u get it, its hilarious lol

I put DD into familly daycare 2 days a week, the two days I work.
Prior to her going in, at approx 8 months, she was very clingy, would scream if I left the room, she faced separation anxiety at 4 months and it didn't seem to leave! She certainly didn't know how to play with other kids. She saw kids on Thursdays at mums group and when we went to library on Mondays as well as swimming on another day, but she wouldn't leave my side. The others in the mums group were certainly not like that. They were into everything, girls and boys alike! And they were the same age as my DD give or take a few weeks!

After about 4 months of searching for the right daycare, I found the perfect family daycare. DD completely changed after 2 visits. This clingy little girl actually braved out to play WITH the other kids. She giggled around other kids, starting verbalising infront of others, like she did when she was at home. At mums group, she even hugged one of the mums!!!

i had previously seen her as two different with me where she was brave, daring, boistrous and oh so this shy, timid little thing.
After going to the right daycare...she was the same brave fun loud kid anywhere we went!

Now at 17 months, she has one day where she is the oldest at the family daycare (only two of them, the other one is 9 months) and one day where she is the youngest of 4.
One day she is the role model, leader, teacher...and she plays with the other little girl...i have seen DD encouraging the peak a boo games, she has taught her to play with a bucket and spade and the other little girl watches my DD when she sits and stands etc and has a go at doing it herself.

On the other day, I notice her language has just improved so much. She is certainly a very vocal girl, and speaks pretty well, when she chooses too, but on that day she says all the kids names quite clearly and asks for her water etc...she has learnt a lot from the others!

If i didn't work, i would never have put her into daycare...but if i knew what a difference it would make her, i would.

But that is my daughter. Other kids in my mums group never had the socialisation problems, the separation anxiety etc... they haven't gone to daycare and they keep learning and socialising.
My DD, I feel, needed it. I tried to teach her things, but for her, watching and exploring with others when she was ready, was what was best for her.

Every child is different, but only the parent knows what the child is like and what the child needs. That is why we have different schools, Steiner, Catholic, Montessori etc...because all children need different things and learn differently.
This doesn't start at starts at birth...we are all individuals and we require different things, stimulation, prompting etc.

But only a parent will know what is right.
So it is great daycare has worked for my DD and for those other peoples children.
But it wont work for some! And that is fine too!!! smile

Im 50/50 with this one.

Personally, For me, well, for my girls, Kindy/Daycare has been FANTASTIC.

Hannah and I clash alot, she doesnt like to listen to me pretty much Full Stop. Me teaching her things, as in sitting down with her teaching her things she has a mega short attention span, Because it is me!! lol (ratbag). But in a kindy environment she thrives off learning from the teachers in the same situation.

Hannah has learnt SOOOO much from Kindy, things i would not have expected her to know she does.

She LOVES it to no end, and i think without kindy, i would probably be sitting in a white coat rocking back and forth!! lol (thats a joke btw).

Hailey started in Feb this year and she LOVES it! She has got so much independence since starting there! And she has learnt heaps aswell. She is nearly 18 months. I dont believe that children her age just go to a daycare and sit and play by themselves, I am also one that watches both the girls for 5 or 10 minutes (until im sprung by them anyhow) watching them through the window, or the door. I always see Hailey playing with others, or playing in homecorner (where they learn heaps too).

I think that EACH kid is different, Im thinking of putting Hannah in a 2 nd day now, she LOVES it, and has been asking me to go again the next day.

For those that say that childcare is for working parents only, or should be for them only, I dont work, but we pay good money to send our girls to kindy/daycare, so why shouldnt we be able to? I would never send my girls more then 2 days, unless i was moving house that week or something and it was safer for them to be at kindy etc...

3 Little Ones to Love.....

DD goes to childcare, she goes one day a week, she was going three days a week while I did some work but it was only short term, anyway she was 27 months when she started going and has always been pretty smart, everyone said she would learn so much but she comes home making all these silly noises and her speech goes totally backwards for the day, Its also funny because all the carers say how smart she is and how different she is cause she has been taught properly from a mum, the centre she goes too is a long day care centre so most of the kids are there 5 days a week and there is a big difference, I dont think you need to send your child to daycare if you are not comfortable with it, from what i can see they dont learn anything you cant teach them, from your posts you do quite alot of activities with your DD that she would be socialising so I dont think there would be any need.
My son goes to daycare 5 days, usually from 10am-3pm. I think his experience there definetely has given him excellent communication skills wth both children & adults & made him very bright. He loves going & I find days when I keep him home he gets more bored playing with me than he would with all his friends.

I also think it depends on the parent tho, I teach him the same things at home, such as abc's, counting, singing and doing activities. Whereas I know stay at home mums who don't teach their child anything or take them out to interact at parks or playgroup....their kids are nowhere near as clever as my son & the difference in social skills is clearly noticeable. When I first had him, I never thought I wanted him in my next child will definetely be going too.


My kids have never done day care. The year before they were due to start kindy I enrolled them in a class at our local rec centre, it was 2 hours once a week and we were to leave them to do art and craft and story telling, etc. I did that so they would be ok being left in the care of somebody else, and learn to take instructions in a more structured environment.

My kids are both very smart (not bragging, just true!) so I don't believe daycare makes kids smarter. My kids had interacted with my friends children and at playgourp so I wasn't worried about their social skills.

If you don't want to put Ashlee in daycare, then don't! She is your daughter, you do what you think is best. And if being a SAHM means that you have her in your care all the time, then so be it! Don't let anyone else tell you what's best for her.
My DD goes to child care 5 days a week because I work.

When I am a SAHM again she will still go 1 or 2 days a week.

I will send her because, she loves it, she loves going to daycare and being with the other kids and whilst I don't think she will end up smarter, there certainly are activities they do with her that I don't at home for various reasons, we don't have the resources and I am not about to buy everything for home that Child Care does, and also to be honest, some things I don't think of doing with her.

I research lots of different activities for us to do on the weekends at home and have started putting lots together for when she is at home with me so she is stimulated and kept active but sometimes it is more fun for them to do with other kids and I do believe in some situations they can learn better from other kids. Whether we take them out or whether they go to Child Care, both situations learn different social skills. With us there, they always have us to back them up, so whilst still sociable they are still dependant. At day care they can be more sociable and more themselves without us taking over and saying no or moving them away from a bad situation and they learn to deal with things without coming and getting us to fix it.

was Bubbagirlsmama

definately to make themselves feel better!

socialising: anytime your kid is interacting with other people/kids - its socialising. They don't need to be left by themselves to do that.

smarter: perhaps if they do nothing at home to develop intellectually - which is quite possible if parents are working full time, pick their kids up give them tea and put them to bed. Other then that...bollocks!

teach things parent can't: only if a parent chooses not to.

social interaction without parents: totally justifying their own choices! watch them from a distance if it worries you!
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