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when did u go into labour Lock Rss

during the night/crack of dawn
or during the day

My waters broke at 9pm, my real labour didnt start until about 10am.

I was induced with Bella at 3pm, aand went into labour with Lola at about 2 pm
1st- waters broke 2am, 1st contraction around lunch time (after waters had broke) established labour ithink was written down at about 9pm. and everything stopped at 2am.
2nd- first contraction/pain whatever you call it lol, at 7:10am. just dropped DH off at work not even 15 min after i said i dont think this baby is going to come on his own, i got the first pain. established labour was put at around 2am the following morning.
My water broke while I was asleep. I didn't know until I went to the toilet and saw blood. Got induced the next morning and was in labor for 15 hours.
woke up at 5am with period type pains.
actually i woke to go to the toilet and had pains. which probably would not of woke me up.

my first contraction was at 8pm on a saturday night she was born at 4:08pm the next day


My first contraction was at about 5am in the morning, my DS was born 2 days later at 5:16am via emergancy c-sec!
First contraction was felt at about 5am but I hadn't been able to get comfortable in bed the night before so had spent the night lying on the couch reading books. Didn't even think that my sleep issues would be because of labour (I went into labour on my due date and had figured that was the one day I wouldn't go into labour lol). DD was born at 10:55am the same day.

At my check up 2 days before I started having contractions they did say that I was 2-3 cm dilated already though. My waters were broken at the hospital when I was 9.5cm dilated.

I went to the loo at about 1pm, did wee, then i went out into the kitchen, felt like something was coming out, so went to the loo again and my plug came out, and my waters started to trickle. That was a 1pm, had my first contraction at 3pm, had my son at 12pm the next day
DS 1 & DD both happened at 1.15pm (born at 3.16 & 3.18pm!!)

DS2 in the middle of the night (around 3ish) & born at the crack of dawn on his due date, he is completely the opposite of the other 2 personality wise.

labour started 12pm, little darling didnt arrive until 1240pm next day =)
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