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Hey Tarryn Lock Rss

How are you and the kids going?I hope you all had a great weekend.

It was good to see you and the kids on Thursday and i hope to see you and the kiddies tomorrow.

I will give you a call later on.

Take care.
Hey Karli

The are good Tayah has been a little turd today picking on her brother all day lol I cant wait for her to have an afternoon nap (fingers crossed she will have one today lol)

How are your bunch going?

We had so much fun on thursday Kai talked about Tyson the whole way home and was telling me how they are best friends was very cute and they get along so well i love it!

Well im about to head for my doctors app hopefully im not going to get in to much trouble lol

I will speak to you later
xoxox Tarryn

Hey Tarryn,

Good luck and the doctors and i will give you a call to see how you went.Lets hope you don't get into to much

We are all doing ok.I had a very nasty fall yesterday and i have hurt my leg and wrists but im sure i will be ok.

Tyson keeps asking when he is going to see his little mate Kai and Tayah.I hope Tayah has a sleep for you.

Take care.xx
Hi lovely ladies...

I am still coming tomorrow, but I have a doctors appt at 12 to set up my ANTE-NATAL STUFF!!

I am just up the road though so will spend half an hour or so with you guys...

See you soon!

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