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What do you wish people had told you before you became a Mum? Lock Rss

My friend is pregnant with her first baby, and she has recently moved to the US, where she doesn't know anyone, so we're emailing a lot. She asks me lots of questions about the experience of pregnancy and having babies, and I find sometimes I tell her so much it scares her! I don't want to put her off, but I want to answer her honestly as I think knowledge is generally a good thing. So much of this business is a big mystery until you're in the midst of it yourself, it's good to be as fore-warned as possible!

So, I wonder what you other mums wish someone had told you before your wee angels came along? I wish more mums I know had been honest about how hard those first weeks really are, but then how wonderful it is when you get into the swing of things.

I wish someone had told me that when your waters break, you keep making more amniotic fluid, so it just keeps coming and coming! I was leaking for a day and a half before baby finally came, yuck!

And I wish someone had told me not to bother buying all those cloth nappies! Great general mopping-up rags though.

What do you wish you'd been warned about in advance?

This new forum is strange ...

sleep deprivation is a form of torture....
No dont tell her that!!!

I wish i had written down more of my kids milestones...i used to say oh i will remember, how could i forget this now i look back and go i wish i had written that down when it happened!
I just want to add that I know there are a million things about being a Mum that you just have to learn on-the-job, and nobody's well-meaning advice could possibly prepare you ...
But there are some things it would have been helpful to know!

This new forum is strange ...

hi there
you are a wonderful friend to do this!
i wish someone had told me that sometimes when your waters break they dont gush or leak but drip very slowly almost unnoticable.
i wish someone had told me that sometimes you will like a failure and other times you will feel like a superhero!

and heres a couple that i always tell friends that are pregnant for the first time,
if you or baby cant or dont want to breastfeed thats FINE!! bottles are ok too!
the first few weeks can be heaven or hell but stressing wont help!
throw out your perfectionist ideals babies dont do perfect, and neither does a new mum,
ignore housework and put your feet up
and heres one of my personal favorite rules for myself which i think has got me through this with some kind of sanity,
if your babys asleep DONT do housework, or anything else that you dont want to do, its your rest time too!

i hope some of this can help your friend, shes lucky to have someone who is as honest about motherhood as you are!!


Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!


No one ever told me that breastfeeding would be so hard or that you could use nipple cream BEFORE you have your baby. Infact, i never even knew it existed!

I would have to say..... go with your gut instinct, if you feel like there is something wrong with bubs don't feel stupid if you are constantly taking them to the docs and get told there is nothing wrong. I wish that instead of listening to doctors i went with mine, it might of saved my DS 4 days in hospital on oxygen because of bhronicolitis(sp?)
Also if they are "having too much" in a bottle and still hungry don't be afriad to give the bub farex at 6 weeks...... may stop bub screaming for hours cause of hunger (both my boys had farex from 6 weeks cause they were little piggys, drinking full bottles and wanting more)
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