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Wondering if anyone else has the same or similiar problem:

Every couple of weeks or so i will get a really sore wrist, it hurts to move in certain ways (mainly too the side)
theres a spot that hurts when i push it right in the middle of the ligaments that sometimes runs a third of the way up my forearm.
If i rest it or strap it the pain eases and goes within a few days, if not it can last for weeks but always comes back.

Have been to 3 doctors about it, first one sent me for an x-ray - nothing, so he said just to rest it.
second one pushed and pulled and said it seemed normal to him, so again done nothing.
third one sent me for blood tests - am now waiting for the results, weird though, bloods for a sore wrist?

any ideas?

Sounds a lot like carpal tunnel syndrome. When it's really sore do you have trouble picking things up/ lifting with that hand?

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its not a cyst is it?

i have a ganglion on teh back of my wrist wrist where it bends, it was huge but had it removed only for it to return when i was pregnant, but alot smaller.
i also have one in the same spot on my right wrist but its to small to actually feel it and they dont show up on x rays.

it hurts to move it, lift thing, i cant lean on it at all.
Certain blood tests can show such things as body tissue inflammation. So if you have injured your wrist & the body is showing an inflammatroy process it would come up in the blood test.

might not be the same, but i use to get that in my right wrist when ds was a newborn. It was due to him being on the heavy side and my wrists being a little weak. Once i was able to pick him up under the arms, not in the newborn 'support the neck etc' way, it started to go away.

ETA that it was most painful when i would turned my wrist from side to side...

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not sure about carpel tunnel i can open things with a bit of pain but not enough to not be able to open it, how do they check for it??

size wise it doesnt feel any different to my 'good' wrist but i cant lean on it at all either and even on good days cant bend it back past a certain point. Even turning a corner when driving is hard.

RSI? (repetative strain injury)

How much time to you spend on the computer or doing things where the same actions are repeated a lot? I have RSI so if I spend more than an hour clicking away on the mouse I will have a sore wrist for a few days.

Not much can be done about it other than resting it. I'd say that seeing as your pain actually goes away and is not constant that maybe this is what you have too.

I have had several problems with my hands and wrists over the years....

I suffer from Tendinitis which mainly affects my fingers but also when i got it bad a one stage was in my wrists.

Im also developing RSI.

But with all the things us busy mums do these days like being on the computer lots & texting lol RSI and arthritis are showing up alot earlier...

But in saying that it could be something as simple as just pulling something??
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yeh RSI is what ive self diagnosed it as for years but its gotten alot worse in the last year so was after other possible conditions hoping that there is something that i CAN do to fix it. its horrible and debilitating, i miss doing simple things like certain excerises where you lean ur weight on ur hands to picking my girls up with out pain.
Thanks for all your ideas, get the blood results tomorrow and the next step is an MRI


i get this as well and have had it since i was a teenager, my pysio and doctor said that the tendons were inflamed, basically there is a little nodgle thing which when you bend your wrist doesn't go back in properly because its inflamed, which causes the pain... i still get it every now and then about once a month at the most... so i'm always careful with it...

Hope that helps
sounds like me
my left wrist will hurt every so often for a day or two and then be fine.
Carpel tunnel is the tendons on the inside of the wrist isn't it? Mine hurts in the tendons on the back of my wrist - like where your watch face sits - and it is really bad when it is there. I can't lean on me hand at all.
Not swollen or red or anything else when in happens either. I figured I was just weird! LOL
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