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when is it going to end? Lock Rss

DS got a cold about a week and a half ago which I caught and it turned into a sinus infection, then DD got gastro, closely follow by DS, then DP and now I have it.
I thought DS was over but he has stared vomiting again this morning.

Argggggggggggggggggggggggggggg when is it going to end!


Sorry rant over now!

Hi Rena,
You poor thing, it's horrible when everyone is sick all the time. I am into my 5th week here of sick kids. It doesn't seem to end lately! Big hugs to you all, hope you are feeling better really soon.
Sending germ-free vibes your way hun.
Hopefully all your immune systems will be heaps stronger because of it smile

Thanks guys!
OMG Sarah that is insane 5 weeks of sickness, here's hoping it ends soon!

I now why DS has got gastro again I forgot to sterilize his dummies.
The poor bubba, I feel like such an idiot, my poor baby has to go through all that again because I am stupid.

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