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at what age did your child start pulling themselves up on your furniture. DD is nearly 7 months and keeps pulling herself up on the furniture she doesn't get all the way up yet only half way.But i thought it would be a few months yet i just worry she is going to fall really hard and hurt herself badly.


Ds was 6.5 months, determined little monkey and Dd was 9.5 months. Both of my children are so different to each other!
my DD has started to do this over the last 2 weeks. All she wants to do now is stand up at things. She has a bruse on the side of her head from bumping her head on toys on her way down.

I just hope that anyone who sees my DD does not think that I am hurting her because of the bruise smile

Ditto to possums
DD1 6.5 mths DD2 9mths
They are so incredibly different!

My 2 were about 7 Months old when they started.
You will have a few bumps on the head and lots of tears.

Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

DD started just before 7 months. Now, 4 weeks later she can quite easily cruise around the furniture, and has quite good balance so can stand there only holding on with 1 hand.
Took about 2 weeks to learn how to get back down, so there were quite a few stacks..

thanks everyone i can stop worrying now


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