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im absolutely DISGUSTED!! Lock Rss

a friend just called, she has just got a call from the police. they want her to come in to make a statement against her ex, her 3yo dd's dad.

it seems he has another child that she never knew about (we dont think he did either) and they have recently gotten intouch with each other. the daughter is 18. he is 39.

what do the cops want - well apparently HE'S BEEN SLEEPING WITH THE 18 YEAR OLD!! AND HER FRIENDS!!! the mother found out, adn reported them.

i am utterly disgusted. my poor friend is so upset as they had been trying to work things out.

im truely lost for words.
please dont mentioni t on fb, as she is one of my friends on there

Are you saying that he is sleeping with his 18yr old daughter and her friends?

If so thats damn right disgusting. Your poor friend must be devastated. I think she's gonna need your support.
He's been sleeping with his 18year old daughter? Oh my freaking god I don't know what to say this is truly unbelievable and sickening I can not imagine how your poor friend is feeling.
ummmmmmmmmmm did he know it was his long lost daughter???
Oh dear so messed up. What the fuk is he thinking?That poor woman what a shock.
Hugs NEss

Oh dear, not good.

I can understand your anger.

Your poor friend!

At least now she has good reason to never see him or let him see her daughter EVER!!

Happy birthday to your little one too!
yep - he has just met his 18 year old daughter, and now they have been sleeping together!

he has always been a d ick head, but yeah yuck!

i think he is in police custody now, well thats what i could gather from teh phone call, my friend was cryin a fair bit so couldnt understand fully. but yeah, cops just in contact with her to come down to the station to make a statement...
Jerry Jerry Jerry!

(sorry not a laughing matter!)

Thats sick that he'd be sleeping with an 18yr old not to mention the whole 'father, daughter' thing, i mean imagine if she fell pregnant! Whoa!

Hope your friend gets over him quickly, he's obviously scum.

Question: Did he meet her first then have sex with her? or was he doing it with her and then they found out they were related?

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Oh no, your poor friend. All she needs right now is your support. I can't imagine how the other two must be feeling, how embarrassing and yes it is disgusting, regardless daughter or not, he shouldn't have been sleeping around like that in the first place.
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