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A participatory program promoting pleasurable parenting

has anyone else done it?
only on my second week but would highly recommend it.

How do i find out about it? Is it through the mchn?
That sounds really good, I've been looking for a parenting course. Where Can I get more info about it?

sign me up! how did you hear about it?
I've been referred to do this course too...CHN's and community parenting groups do it I think.
Try your community health centre they might know where one is held, local pre-school often hold them or other positive parenting courses.
We have an organisation called 'the family centre' they hold lots of different little courses like self esteem, workshops for dads and this one, so maybe they have them in other areas too, check yellow pages?

Triple P is another one thats suppose to be good, but P5 is less structured and takes into account that all kids are different whereas triple P is pretty much one answer suits each problem.

great ta. i have done the triple P and it was not for me. I did go to it and finish it but really ,i didnt get much out of it at all, and that was when i only had 1 can imagine how much help i need
I am on a long waiting list for the Triple P class! Heard its meant to be really good.

If i get one thing out of it that works, then im happy!

Im interested in the one your doing thouhg Mia, what kind of things is it covering? and how often are you going? do you take your kiddies?

3 Little Ones to Love.....

its once a week for 7 weeks where i go they have childcare for gold coin donation. the topics we've covered so far "recognising the purpose of misbehaviour" "different kinds of misbehaviour" and "confident parenting" i dont know what the topics coming up are though

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