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Mother & Baby Coverstar Comp Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone who has been following this comp and looking for the baby of the day has been having problems?
Everytime I go into the "Baby of the Day" page it only has the 1st 3 babies and no more....anyone else having this problem or has my computer gone weird?

You have probably got your answer by now but they seem to post the pics at different times in the mornings and post 3 on the monday to cover the weekend as well. I hope my little guy makes an apperance on there, I check every day! Good Luck to you and you DD also Let me know if her picture gets posted!!!

Take care Nat x

Are you having problems with the "Baby of the Day"
Web page again, I cant get on. It may be because of long weekend but seems to be shut down??
Think I am having withdrawals sad Nat x

Hi again,

Was wondering if you can help me with a phone number. I subscribed to mother and baby to enter the competition and I havent received this months issue in the mail yet. Do you know who they subscribe through? The details are written on the coverstar entry form, I need to ring them to sort this out but have forgotten who I subscribed through?? (ditzy tongue )

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