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I just want to say a massive thank you to all the beautiful ladies who have given me advice at all hours of the day any night regarding my pregnancy, labour, breastfeeding issues, sleeping issues, and just about every other issue i have had during this amazing rollercoaster called motherhood.

Thank you to all the ladies who have met up with me in person, taken me under their wing when i've moved to their area, and allowed my "angel" to push and pull, poke and punch their precious babies.

Thank you to the ladies who have opposing views to mine, who have opened up my mind to possibilities i had not considered about many a topic.

and thank you to the huggies team for creating a site that, although flawed at times, has allowed many of us mums (and dads!) to create lasting friendships and a place to vent in our times of stress and anxiety as well as our times of joy and excitement.

good luck to all the ladies who are TTC, pregnant, ready to pop and beginning their journey of motherhood.

I look forward to coming back in the future and seeing many new babies smiling up at me from your sigs.

Love and best wishes to all

Emma and Ashlee
Hey Emma
Does this mean you are leaving? Where are you going, or why are you going???

Will miss you!
I understand why you are having a break. There is only so much crap you can take before enough is enough, especially when you are having a rough time in the real world. I hope you are back soon. Hugs won't be the same without you Ems:(
jesus Em ...were dropping like flies !! lol lol lol

take a break honey ..things wont seem so bad in the morning me !! lol lol lol

I have your number so you cant get away from me !! Lol lol lol
Good luck Ems....

Sometimes just walking away even if it is for a few days is better than any holiday.... like Frances said we have your numbers and know how to contact you... also FB.

Big Hugs

All the best, Emma - with life, with your gorgeous girlie, with the ABA...I'll miss seeing you around here, and your wonderful breastfeeding advice!

good luck sweetie.i wish you and your little family the best.

you seem to me to be a wonderful,caring person and a dedicated mother. i hope the few nasty people on here haven't made you to upset.

i wish you well with all of your family problem and hope the sun shines on your family again soon!

hugs xox
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