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not mummys fault... Lock Rss

when my fiance'e is around my 2 year old is as good as an angel but come 6pm when daddy goes to work he completly changes he ignores me and runs a complete muck he has even started being a little violent by pulling my hair and scrunching my face in his hands he is usually good this behavior is only recent i was wondering if anyone else has a similar problem to this i feel as though he thinks its my fault his dad has to leave him to go to work i try to explain but its not that easy any ideas????

Mummy 2 B-J

Set him boundaries and let him know that that behaviour is not acceptable! Kids know when they can get away with things and will walk all over you given the chance.
I hope your situation improves!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

My 3 year old son does exactly teh same thing to a certain extent. Dad works two jobs, and he normally only plays up when dad leaves for the night job, which is only 2 nights a week luckily. He just seems to run a muck, thinking mum wont discipline him, well he has quickly learnt that mummy disciplines jsut as much as daddy and has seemed to have calmed down a bit. It is just letting him know who is boss and that his behaviour isn't warranted. May I ask, does dad discipline him at all and You don't , well not as much as dad or does dad do something that you don't? Thigns to think about I guess.

Goodluck and hope things improve.

sorry to hear that.

dont have much experience but i agree let him know its wrong.

have you got some where to put him? for kinda like time out? can you take his toys or something outta his room and shut him in there when he is naughty? maybe time out? take a fav toy away? fav food?

a friend has a child that dont listen and she makes him sit in the corner not facing anything as soon as he turns she smacks him (not beats him but a smack) and makes him turn around after 2 weeks hes being better and he has learnt to not turn around til its time up. have you tried a reward system maybe a certain amount of stickers means a treat? and if he be's naughty take a sticker away...

good luck. sorry i cant help.


Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

hi guys thanks for the replys... at this point i still dont know what to do... the scrunching of my face has stopped this week not one who personally belives in smaking but daddy does and i can see he is completely different when asked to do something by his father im just at the moment trying to put my foot down and let him know mummy wont tolerate this behaiviour either... when he screams i sit him on the blue chair and he folds his arm and its workin so far so good as for the sticker chart i think that is one of the genius ideas i have ever heard i will 4 sure try that in a few months i feel he is still a little young to understand right now but that is great... well we had one great acheivement this week he is finally brushing his teeth PROPERLY all by him self and he is so proud of him self when he is done he gives me a big smile as in look mum all done its so priceless .... anyway guys thanks for your thoughts ill stick to the blue chair as its doing okay and i will definatly try the sticker chart .......thanks again

Mummy 2 B-J

You have just brought back a classic memory of my eldest son. When he was two I made a sticker chart in the process of toilet training and stuck it on the wall outside the toilet. I came down the hall one day to find he'd peeled off the stickers and was eating them! So much for that idea. Stick it up high! All the best - some kids respond really well to charts - my son thought they were tasty...

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

i dont really like smacking eilish either but there are sometimes i do. if i warn her three times... she gets one. or running away from me near a road... or whatever. i'd rather a sore child than a dead one though...

when i was pregnant me and my fiance decided there would be no bad parent and a good one we decided to stick to the others decision if she got smacked not to pick her up til she'd finished crying. if we catch her out we dicipline her. started taking toys off of her. when she is drawing and she hops off the chair she gets her textas, crayons or whatever taken away she cracks the sads but she knows the rules... and we both stick to it...

so she dont play up as she knows that we both smack her so there is no "bad" guy...

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

yeah i agree with that also if he is in trouble off his father i wont pay him any attenion untill he has settled down and then both my partner and i explain to him why he got a smack to begin with ... he does know that when mummy means business mummy means business but... he plays on me cause he knows ill let him get away with just a little bit extra which is one problem that i have and im working on that ...slowly...slowly but i dont mind that his father will smack him thats fine i tried it but found myself feeling upset alot at night over it so i try other things but as i said when i feel he is alittle more understanding im deffinatly gonna try the sticker thing

Mummy 2 B-J

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