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Just looking for some opinions here I would love to hear both sides

I was just wondering if other full time mums put their children in daycare

A couple of my friends from mums group are stay at home mums and they feel from a developmental point of view its good for the child I think its a great idea if you want to do that

Do mums who choose to look after their children full time think from a developmental point of view that their child is just as well off?

thanks everyone



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Hi Melis

I have a few friends who also put their children into daycare. I personally think it is a good idea from a socialisation point of view. It can only be a good thing for children to mix with other children in a learning environment. The teachers at the school also say it is good to have children learn routine before they start school.

Having said all that it also depends on what age you are sending them! I would find it hard to send a little baby to childcare and don't really see the benefit if they are under the age of 1.

Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

Hi Melly

I am a single stay at home mum to an 11 month old girl Emily. For me personally, i am so happy that i have the opportunity to be able to stay with her full time as i know that alot of mothers need to go to work. I love being the one who encourages her to learn and to see her develop the way she is. She is a very happy, active girl and i am lucky to have a large family so she is not short of people around her.

I have just recently enrolled her in childcare for next year when she will be 18months old. The main reason i am doing this is so that i can finish my study, but i am also aware of how much she loves other children and how much she can learn from them. I am only going to put her in care for 10hours a week so that i still have the opportunity to watch her blossom and grow everyday. I have a few friends who have children in childcare and their abilities to share and play with other children is incredible.

I have no doubt in my mind that Emily is developing just as well as any child in care, and i am glad that i am the one who is there to see it, as they are not little kids for long! I think children in childcare get the best of both worlds, and am quite happy for Emily to go into care where i know she will be safely cared for. I am just not quite prepared to leave her yet as our bond is really special to me and i love having her with me all day long!!
This topic has actually been posted before a while ago & it was a VERY touchy subject therefoe I will not comment.Last time I did I got my head bitten off.

Good Luck in what ever you may choose

Thanks Bec

I totally understand, I didn't want to cause any problems starting this post I was just curious what other mums feelings are




melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

I put Maya in daycare at 5 mths so that I could finish teh last semester of my degree, so she was there 30 hours a week. I originally intended to take her out of daycare once I finished studying.
But Maya loves daycare so much, that I kept her there. She now only goes 16 hours a week, and to start with I was just an at-home mum. Now I am working from home, so it is good to have her in daycare. Alos, as it is just her and I at home, it is good for her to have contact with other adults and kids.
Some of the benefits I have found are that she is very independent, she is self-assured, she is confident and she socialises well. She doesn't cry when I leave her, she just says "bye mama" and takes off.
The negatives I have found are that I miss out on seeing so many things eg. the first time she rolled over, also she has been sick more often than she might have been had she not been in daycare.
It is a very personal choice, but it works for us. I also dedicate all the time that she has at home to her, and I don't work when she's awake at home.
Good luck with your decision.

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

Thanks for your comments emma at the moment I am happy looking after my little boy full time

and I also take him to swimming at the moment and next term we are going to do mini maestros so that will be good

thanks again


melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

This issue is definately a "personal choice" one.

I work full time but am lucky enough to have my father living with me and he looks after my daughter Madison who is now 19 months. When Maddy was 15 months I started her 2 days a week at day care. I wanted her to have more involvement with other kids and thought she would learn some more. My plan was to trial it for 2 months and then decide - my decision was to continue day care and she loves it when you say "school today", she grabs her bag and runs to the door.

The change in her in 4 months has been extraordinary. She has learnt a lot more than she would have by being at home with her Poppy 5 days a week. She is more friendly with people rather that shy, her vocabulary has increased so much now that I can't keep track of new words or sentences she uses. Her drawing is heaps better and her eating skills with a fork and spoon are better. Even dancing and imitating as well as role playing with her toys.

Our neighbour has a daughter the same age who doesn't go to day care and you can see the difference.

This was my decision and I'm glad I gave it a try.

I am fortunate enough to not have to work and I am about to have my 2nd child with only 14 month difference between them I will probably start a great debate here for saying this but I think if you have the opportunity to stay home and look after you children then you should do so. This is valuable time with your children that you can never ever get back. HOWEVER I agree with preschool. My daughter will be going to preschool from age 2 from 9 till 3 one day a week and each year we will add a day to get her ready for school. A lot of preschools run school readiness programs from the age of 2 so that you are ready to send your child to school and they actually give you curriculums and learn at home activities for you to teach your child so they are not behind when it goes to school. if it was a matetr of just sending the child to childcare to allow the mother to just have a day by herself then I would have to say i disagree totally.
Hi mums,

When I went back to work after my first child she went to daycare once a week. She loved it. Then after my son was born I didn't go back to work b ut my daughter still attended day care & when my son turned 1 we sent him too. They go every Friday from 9.00 until 3.30. They learn, they socialise, they meet kids & adults, they go on picnics, have "special days" & they absolutely love it. They are very social children & I belive this is partly what helped them be this way. I get to clean the house, do the groceries etc & by the time I do all that it's time to pick them up.

I definitely have no regrets.


Michelle - Mum to 2


i dont like childcare here where i live i worked there for a few months for work experience (the high school makes you) and i would never put my child in. thats my personal opinion. i am lucky me and my fiance take turns he takes her to work (shes a good kid and has a room out the back with toy, cot, tv dvd player, all all that stuff.

i dont like leaving her with just anyone i have problems leaving her with her grandparents... so i aint leaving her with someone else..

the one here dont do as you ask either they do what suits them...

sorry thats how i feel.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

Hello Mum to Emily

One of my friends from mothers group is a full time mum and her husband stays home full time as well and they have decided to put their 15 month old in childcare 2 days a week so they can have time to themselves to go to the movies or have a massage or go out to lunch. They feel from a developmental point of view its a good idea also it gives them time to themselves.

Is it just me or do others disagree with this? I know its up to them of course but I kind of thought that was the point that you stay home and look after your child if you are lucky enough not to have to work

I just feel they are kind of palming her off so to speak




melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

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