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My son got out of the car seat- HELP! Lock Rss

Hi everyone, today my husband was driving and my son got out of the car seat! He of course stopped, told him off and buckled him back in. My question is- is there anything that can stop a child from opening the seat belt (he is only 2 1/2 so still in child seat). If so how much is it and where do you buy it from. Any help would be appreciated as my son's safety is very important to us.

at my local baby shop i seen these buckle covers the other day - it goes around the clip part so they cant get in, but my guess is if he can work out how to unbuckle the seat belt, then he'll be able to figure the cover thing out too.
what sort of restraint is he in? 5pt, H harness, or booster with lap-sash?

i can help if its the H harness or lap-sash

it is a 5 point harness, safe n sound maxi rider- with the side flaps (one of the new ones

hope this helps

jas has gotten her undone before, but ony once, i piut the fear of god in her and she will NEVER do it again. I dont believe in scaring kids but when it comes to safety fear of pushing that red button is a good thing.
My DD2 started doing this and after some advice form here, I found a strap thing from our local Babyland for $14.95..
It just wraps around the straps and has stopped her from escaping..LOL
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