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NAN HA Gold & NAN Pro Gold formula, whats the difference?? Rss

Anyone?? The doctor advised me to go to Nestle NAN Gold but when i got to the shops they had so many different ones. Whats the difference and what do you recommend. The doctor recommended it as we have excema in family and apparently its meant to help reduce the allergy.
the HA is partially hydrolized, making it easier to digest. no idea what the 'pro' is. if its to reduce the allergy, i think he would be talking about the HA, as i know the formulas with HA are meant to be less challanging to the immune. nikkita was on the HA AR formula at one stage, cause she is at risk of allergies. (the AR means thickened - reflux)

apparently there is no difference between the 'gold' and the regular brand. Our local midwife has said that there has recently been a study done which has said there is no difference BUT seems your dr has told youa specific one i'd try exactly what he's said. They may be something completely different with it despite the similar names. I'm sorry thats the only help I can give my sons on prescription formula so I am not up to date with the different brands etc.
Nan HA Gold is Hypo-allergenic, which helps to reduce the effects of allergys like excema. We were advised to use this one also, but it gave DS bad green runny poos so we switched to NAN Pro Gold and he has been fine ever since. Only problem now is we can't get him off it. He is 17 months today and we have tried everything to switch him to cows milk and he will not have a bar of it, so it must taste ok. lol

DD - 5yrs & DS 17months

HA is hypoallergenic which means that bub is less likely to have a reaction because its more restricted and exactly what someone else said much easier for bubbys body to digest which means there hunger could increase. My son is on a prescription hypoallergenic formula called neocate. its aminoacid based. He is allergic to milk soy also banana and tomato sauce. It's more trial and error. Just watch foor different signs. It took 3weeks for my bub to react to soy.
We tried both the HA and the Pro - Pro seemed to agree with our DD better. She was able to bring up wind easier, and poop better.
Only thing we could work out by comparing the tins was HA says it's 100% whey, and the Pro is whey dominant (so not 100%). The nutritional tables do show a few differences, but none of them seemed majorly different to either DH or myself. Have a look on the website and try and compare them if you like.
There's a family history of excema on DH's side and DS has excema (he started off on Nan HA but we changed to SMA as he found it the best for wind and poo), but so far so good with DD.
Hi everyone. Thanks to this forum which gives information on formulae and it's feedback. I had to start using formulae when my baby is now 6 weeks. Nurse gave me sache of Nestle pro gold and it has been ok with baby until now but when I am thinking to buy tin; I am just wondering if Nestle NAN HA is better or S26 gold. Any advises and suggestion would be much appreciated.
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