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Calorie Diary? Lock Rss

Hi does anyone use a free online calorie diary? You know, where you put in the food and colories you had today?

[Edited on 24/05/2009]

Not smile
oops you changed your post lol

I use

Its really really good smile
or not
Thanks Denae. I'll have a look now.

I was having trouble posting so I figured if I wrote something I DIDN'T intend on publishing, it would go through for sure. Correct! LOL.

I use Calorie King.
You enter your details and it comes up with how many calories you should have for your daily intake.
You enter the food, whether it be fresh homemade, from a packet/jar, takeaway comes up with the calories you use.
Has graphs etc .
also has an exercise diary too, shows what calories you worked off.
Very good, but fiddly.

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