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Which TV ads does your baby love? Lock Rss

My 9month old will stop whatever he is doing if he hears the music to his favorite TV ads. Among his favorite are: Vista Blinds ( I bet you've seen these before)((I hate it)), the Huggies nappies with the song 'it must be love, love love', The McDonalds ads where the little kids come out of the stomachs, The big brother ads with the birds chirping etc and the horrible amies insurance ads with the white writing on the red screen, he waits for the end of it for the lady to smile at him. These are pretty much his favorite.
What ads does your baby like?
lisa76, my son is 14 months he also likes the Vista blinds ads and the big brother ads. He absolutly loves the jet star ads and starts dancing when they sing that song (lets fly jetstar..) his favourite though is news updates. it doesn't matter where he is, if he hears one come on he runs straight to the t.v. it's so cute.

2 yrs

i'm so looking forward to my son doing quirky little things like that.

its so cute. yr kids are so adorable ladies.
my 11 mth old stops everything to watch and listen to the channel 10 theme song but they have recently changed the ad much to the dismay of my 11 mth old daughter

lisa & 1 yr old daughter from vic

my boys are not babies any more but lately they love to watch the new honda jazz ad, the one thats a rip off from thomas the tank

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

My 2.5 year old son seems to like the Clark Rubber adverts. The line at the end where the duck-like character says "Phew Clarky" gets a bit of a giggle and now James walks around saying "Phew Clarky". Any advert showing the Simpsons gets a big reaction too!

James' Mum

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