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It's really getting to me... Lock Rss

The past month or so I have been having these weird dreams that really really upset me (to the point where I cry in my sleep and throw my arms about waking DP and him settling me) anyways I don't understand it and was hoping that maybe someone could shed a little light so I can maybe get over it IYWKIM?

I dream about being pregnant and DP and I forgetting about DS when we go somewhere we just leave without organising someone to look after him til we get back. Most times it has been small things like going shopping, to a friends, camping, doctors appoints for the bub but lately its all been me going into labour and leaving for the hospital. I don't realise for a couple of hours after we 1st left him and it sends me into panic mode (as it would).

I just don't get it, I have never forgotten about DS and I couldn't ever forget about him but these dreams as I said are really getting to me!

Any thoughts? TIA
Try not to stress too much, its probably just the good old hormones. Progesterone can make your mind do some funny things and having strange dreams is one of them.

from what I've heard, dreams generally have a different meaning to what they seem, like you dreaming about leaving DS behind doesn't necessarily mean you are scared about leaving him behind, as such.
LOL here's my very amateur dream interpretation -
maybe subconciously you are worried you won't have as much time for DS when you new bubs is born, kind of 'leaving him behind', and maybe this dream is your subconcious bringing it out?
I really have no idea! but that's what I first thought when I read your post

LOL, or I could be getting carried away, and its just hormones like the PP said smile

I've heard dreams can come through as your subconscience thoughts, so you could be worrying about the effects on your son when the new baby arrives & wanting to make sure he isn't left out or feel unwanted in any way. Your dreams could be resulting from you worrying in the back of your mind. I'm pregnant with our second now & I know sometimes I worry that he might feel less loved & 'replaced' with a new bub, even though I know it's silly.

I used to have dreams with my ds that I had a massive baby with bright red hair....cause I was secretly hoping he didn't have red hair. I've had a few this time too that make me jump out of bed.


Thanks for the replies. Sounds as though the subconscious thing is what it is mixed with pregnancy hormones of course. At least now I have an idea of what they mean maybe I can do something about it so they stop!

baileysmummy05- glad to see I wasn't the only one stressing about red hair lol Normal red hair looks nice but my nan had this horrid red hair I was so worried DS was going to have it even in labour when the middy said she could see hair and it was red I panicked and said he wasn't done yet and that I was going to stop pushing cause he isn't meant to have red hair lol
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