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cooking meals for your partner that you don't like to eat?

I am very very fussy hate anything fancy so i really enjoy when i make things for DF that he loves he gets all excited and i love seeing him enjoy something i make for him even thought i cant stand it.

I don't make things like this for him often as then i have to cook 2 meals and that sucks hehe

am i the only weird person out there?

ihi yeah i hear u but i usually have do about 3 diff.meals,as my wee girl doesnt like veges etc or much meat,my son eats ok,but i dont eat meat and dont like creamy fatty foods,but my hubby work away a lot so its pretty easy when he not here,but when he is i make flash meaty meals for him,so spend loads a time in kitchen and yeah it sucks,he just gone away today for 3 wks so i can have a break from been a slave to the kitchen yah.

shell 4yr old & 16mth

nup!! DH favorite is chop suey and i can't stand it! He gets his mum to cook it for him!! lol lol lol i'm so mean!!!!
Nope, if he wants it and I don't eat it he can cook it himself. Luckilly on those days he usually cooks me something too!
My hubby like chilli in his food and i do use it since he likes it his food but i try and not get any of it on my plate, don't mind having it flavor the food but i can't eat it. I cook things that i know we both like and he does the same.
I would never cook 2 different meals if he doesn't like what i'm cooking he can cook what he wants.
Tell him that since you cook something he likes the next dinner you cook what you like and if he doesn't like it he can cook his own.

We like and hate mostly the same foods so I don't have a problem. I do love cooking new things and giving something interesting for DP, but I will never cook 2 different meals, we all eat the same. Even when DD starts eating with us, unless of course we are having something spicey.
Nope if I don't eat it I don't make it.
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