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  5. Looks like I am jumping on the bandwagon too....

Looks like I am jumping on the bandwagon too.... Lock Rss

A blood test has confirmed that I am in fact pregnant.
I have a scan organised for Thursday to see how far I am, bloods indicate about 7 weeks.

We have an EDD of January 12, 2010....

Those not TTC, steer clear of the Huggies water!!!!!

ETA I have changed my FB so that people cant say anything in there - I haven't told my family yet - I am too scared of my fire breathing mum!
[Edited on 29/05/2009]
OMFG CONGRATULATIONS!! That is wonderful news! From now on thought I'm drinking bottled water round here. This pregnancy things is waaaaaay too contagious!

Woo Hoo Ricki congrats. Hope all goes smoothly for you. Meika
Congrats honey that is awesome
wow congratulations smile

woohoo ricki....

thats awesome sweets congratulations
So I guess you are one of those who still have "relations" when you have a child under 12 months. Good stuff.
Hehehe, Congratulations!!

apparently the best way to avoid the plague was to drink beer...

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

Now answer this honestly Ricki

Were you upthestick?

now how did i see this one coming.....LOL

HUGE congratulations!!!!

I have to admit, seeing all these ladies who have had babies AFTER me, and already going back for the next is starting to make me feel like i really must not have maternal instincts LOL

i hope you have a stress free pregnancy!
Congratulation,I hope you have a safe a healthy pregnacy,xox
Congratulations!! Where did you get your huggies water, I might be looking for some by the end of the year.. Loz

Yeah, are you upthestick???!!!

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