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Mel asked me to update you all.... Rss

And right now she really needs some love and support. As you know Lachlan was admitted to hospital on Tuesday with severe asthma, well now Matilda has also been admitted.

The paed is wanting to trial a new preventer on Lachlan as he thinks this may help with the frequency and severity of the attacks however they are currently trying to source it locally with no luck as yet and Matilda is being kept in to try and get her symptoms under control.

Mel is really upset as you can imagine but she knows her babies are in the right place.

(((GBH))) Mel and Family you know where I am

Nikki xxxx
I hope they get better soon. Take care of yourself.
Hope you are all better soon... GBH... Tracy

Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

Oh no sad

Sending lots of love and hugs, I really hope that both of the little ones are on their way to being better really soon
Mel huge hugs to you and the family and hope that Lachlan and Matilda are home very very soon and better soon too.

If you need anyhting Mel you have my number and just call.

Thinking of you all xoxo

Thanks Nikki. the poor darling must be beside herself.
I hope they can get this sorted really quick, and Lachlan and Matilda will be home safe and sound in no time.

Pass on my love and best wishes please Nikki..
Big Hugs Mel

What a terrible time you are having with your little ones, i hope they can get the asthma under control so you can have them home again with you soon.

Thinking of you hun xx

Thanks everyone and Ricki I will do xx
That is really terrible news!

Tell Mel I am sending lots of positive,healthy vibes her way.There is nothing worse than having kids in hospital and feeling so helpless!

Hope all is well soon!

Awww Mel, poor Lachie and Tilda!! I hope they feel better soon hunny.

GBH xx
crikey - what a rough ride.
love to the bubs and fam!

that is tough...

Hope they are both well and home soon

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