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Whats for dinner? Rss

i am starting the thread today cos for once I am having something yummy! lol
Normally when someone else starts them I am having a boring tea and have to drool over everyone elses!

So tonight I have roast lamb and spuds and puimpkin in the slowy and will steam some greens later, hoping the lamb turns out, my 1st slowy roast!
Whoops you just reminded me I don't have anything to cook for dinner. Hmmmm I guess i'll have to go over to Coles soon.

To answer the original question I have no idea, I asked DD and all she wants is pasta with cheese lol.
The kids come home from their dad's at 5 tonight so I am doing something easy

Cocktail franks in little buns (little hotdogs) with potato gems

lamb chops and scalloped potatoes with fresh green beans for DH

little chciken bits with mashed potato for dd (and a few beans)

low fat chicken patty snadwich for me, with tabbouleh smile)

we are having chicken topped with onion tomato bacon salsa and cheese i will have sour cream aswell with chips and the kids will have nuggets and chips
I have a healthy vegetable soup in the slow cooker but what I really feel like is nachos. With extra sour cream.
Go the nachos R, Soup freezes well!!!! lol
When I was preg with all of mine our corner store knew if I ordered a baked spud or wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli, just pile the sour cream on!!! YUM
we are having roast pork and veg

DP is cooking a lamb roast (after hinting that I'd had enough cooking this week...LOL)

Always tastes better when someone else cooks..
We are having chops and trying chunky chips that we saw them make on Masterchef on Friday night.

Lasagna here
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