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Slow cooker... Lock Rss

I have a 1.5kg Lamb Leg Roast (shank half thing with a bone) I intend to cook it in the slowy tomorrow but have NO IDEA how to do it as I usually use the McCormick packs!

so a couple of questions:
what do I put with it if anything? ie; water and how much?
how long do I cook it for and on high or low?!

I'll be doing the vegies in the oven so that part I have under control!

I got this one off the slow cooker sticky. Hope it helps

Best Ever Roast Lamb - Good Enough for guests!! they LOVE it.
(makes real gravy!)
I leg of lamb
1/3 cup red wine
1/3 cup port
1/3 cup balsamic vinegar
1/4 stock
4 cloves crushed garlic

So for a fancy Party you can boil the leg for 10 mins, score it rub some salt and sear it quickly in a hot pan of a little butter and oil - but honestly I have done it both ways many times and I dont see enough difference.

so I toss in the leg and all other ingredients. Put on low for 7-8 hrs. Remove leg and place on a plate and loosley cover in foil to rest (you can actually wiggle the bone free its so tender). While meat rests, tip all liquid into a pan over high heat. Simmer till it reduces by at least a third. I usually carve into slices on a platter and then drizzel in gravy (or pop the gravy into the gravy boat. My brother is a chef and almost wet himself when I told him I was using a slow cooker.....we couldnt keep the lid on the crockpot the first christmas we cooked it as he was dipping the bread in. we reckon he ate half of the leg!! And now all my family request it for dinner inc christmas. Everyone who has tried it loved it. I do my veg in the oven and cauliflower in cheese sauce. For those with young kids the meat it so tender!

I did my first ever roast in the slowy tonight! YUM

the one above sounds yummy but DH likes his plain old traditional roast here!

I cooked a 1.6kg leg of lamb for 9hrs on low, I threw the potatos, sweet potato and pumpkin in with the meat atthe start and just removed them about 1/2 an hour prior to serving and popped them in the oven to crisp up, I did put a tiny bit of water in the bottom at the start as I was worried about it drying out but it really didn't need it, i won't bother next time
~*LoVe*My*3*MoNkEyS*~ thanks for that sounds simple enough, here's to hoping I don't manage to stuff it up!!

Bec- that one sounds yum but too creative for a first timer! I'll keep it in mind next time though thanks heaps!
No worries, I am new to the slow cooker as well and I didn;t stuff it up so you should be right!!! lol

I also used the meat juice for the gravy too, I just scooped out some meat juice, added a small amount of gravy flour to thicken and add a little tomato sauce and soy sauce to flavour!yummm!
Hello there
You should not worry so much. In a slow cooker you can perform the task very easily.
Yeah, totally agree with Zakiruddin206 there. I use a rub of garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper and put everything in my sloooow cooker (very old, but still works) till the meat gets nice and tender. And when I want to speed things up a bit, I just put the meat in my convection microwave oven, bake mode, to get that caramelized, crackly brown crust!
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