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How many nappies & wipes to bring? Lock Rss

Well, I have decided to start packing my hospital bag, just wondering how many nappies & baby wipes to biring.
Im thinking maybe put like 16 or so in the bag & maybe put the rest of the box in the boot so DH can run out & get more if need be. My midwife said i'll be out on the second day (if all goes well).

Sound good?

Doesn't your hospital provide them? Mine did.
I had to use cloth nappies in the hospital which they provided. They need to monitor the babies output and the disposables are to absorbent and makes it hard to tell apparently.

Both hospitals that I used have supplied nappies(cloth) too.
Not wipes though,I used cotton balls for the first two and the cotton pad things(Swispers I think) for the others.

Michelle- 3 boys-17,13 & 9 -2 girls-3 & 1

That sounds ok I guess! If you're (hopefully) only in there for a couple of days then that should be fine. Like you said, you'll have some in the car so if you are running low or need to stay in longer for some reason then there are some there.

How exciting!

I just packed a bag of them and I was in hospital for 5 days and had heaps left over smile]

The hospital I went to with DS and DD2 supplied disposable nappies and wipes. I would give your hospital a call and see if they supply nappies. The hospital I had DD1 at supplied cloth nappies and if we wanted to use disposables we had to bring our own.
My hossi provided a small pack of huggies and a small pack of johnson's wipes with both my girls.

Wow I haven't heard of them using cloth nappies before, it is a good idea though to be able to moniter how much they're weeing and pooping.

Yep, that sounds good.

I can't believe so many hospitals provided nappies! The hospital I went to only provided cloth nappies. That must cost them a small fortune!

The hospital i was in gave us cloth nappies to use while i was in the hospital, i did have to bring my own wipes and nappies to take bub home in.
I would take more in just incase.

I took a pack of nappies and a box of wipes when I had DS. I was in hospital for one week because DS had trouble feeding and he ended up with jaundice. If I did run out of anything, I get hubby to get it from the baby's room and bring it when he comes the next day.
Hospital I was at provided cloth and advised against using disposable for the first few days at least as its really important to check output (wees to ensure is not dehydrated and its hard to tell with disposable).
I was in for a week with dd. The biggest problem we had was dh would take washing home and then not bring it back even though he and mum had washed it and everything. This time i'll pack a second baby bag for him to bring in if needed. We are also allowing for big feet this time and have brought some suits with out feet. Dd was skinny with long feet and we had trouble with grow suits etc.
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