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I have been looking for Wiggles themed paper plates, cups, napkins etc for DD's birthday party (she loves the wiggles) but can't find them, instead I have managed to find Dora ones (next best thing to the Wiggles lol) but there are 3 little boys coming to the party. Do you think Dora will be ok for them too or should I get Dora for the girls and something else for the boys?

spotlight sell the wiggles plates, cups, napkins etc....

I would just give them the Dora stuff though. My DS loooooves Dora!
The boys won't care, i reckon it will be fine, stick to the same theme.

was Bubbagirlsmama

have a look at these sites: sorry i dont know how to make them into a link they have wiggle themed party supplies.
Just go with Dora. DD had a Dora party last year and the boys were just as excited. It was just had to find things that weren't too girly (Dora Princess was out then). I had each child 'make' backpack and used it as their lolly bag. One little boy ended up taking it to daycare for a week!!!

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