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how long do u think i could keep it quiet? Lock Rss

my pregnancy that is!

i was hoping to hold out until 12 weeks (i did with my son too) but not sure if i will be able to hide it this time.

im lucky its winter so i can cover up with baggy jumpers!

im off to the dr's now, but will check answers after, thanks!

I went to the drs at 30 weeks and someone didn't even relise I was pregnant. I was just pointing out to dd the new born baby, and this womens says "oh are you having another one?" me "yes 10 weeks to go now, another little girl." "Can they tell at 10 weeks?" she thought I was 10 weeks pregnant. And anyone that knows me say I look bigger this time.
I haven't got twins but I take it you would,
become bigger quicker, this should also
be more/ less depending on your weight,
Some larger women can hide pregnancys
longer, where as my belly (1st baby) didn't pop
Until I was 20ish weeks Iam underweight thou!

Also with 2nd bubs in your case 2nd and 3rd your
belly is not as tight and you pop faster then then 1st

With twins the fear is always going to be last more
Then 12 weeks but it's your choice to keep it until 12 weeks
Good luck keeping it a secret I would be screaming TWINS of
Hill tops hehe

Your a lucky women!!!!!! So jealous!!!

Are you still a little overweight from Kody or are you back to your normal weight? If you are you might be able to pass it off as leftover fat from the first time. I'm 12 weeks tomorrow and i'm certainly not obviously pregnant, just look a bit fat but you'll probably be showing earlier with twins.
With my first I was 16 and niaeve(sp) I hid my whole pregnancy I went to the Doctors twice in the whole 9 months and gave birth at home. I even went to school etc I continued my life as normal even working my part-time job. I had a nice bank balance that my Mum went and spent some once bub was born.

With my second I pretty much did the same thing till I was 7 months again. Just wore big baggy clothes being winter and all and Im by no means super slim so I got away with it both times.
I got pregnant in summer and i had bad morning sickness so i had to leave work and i stayed home alot. But i had to tell family first before friends. For a change i keep it quiet till i was 12 weeks or so.

i have pretty much lost allmy baby weight from my son, and was quite happy that my tummy wasnt at all saggy, so i dont think i could fob it off iykwim.

im only a slight build, 168cm but only weigh 53kg at the moment

oh and yes i justv want to tell everyone im having twins!!

thank you all for your replies.

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