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Outrageous Fortune Lock Rss

season 5 starts tonight!

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

WooHoo....bring it!!!!
kool aye. My DP loves it.

I missed season 3/4 while preggy coz it was too late for me with work so early.

We are buying the DVDs so im going to watch from start during the day, i cant wait smile
I'm so excited I could pee my pants! lol

Unfortunately I missed most of season 4, with having a newborn 10.30 was too late for me to stay up. I needed all the sleep I could get! lol

Yahooo, well hello there Jethro wink
oh my god i love this show and was excited to hear season 5 starts tonight but unfortunately i live in aus so wont see it for a while i own seasons 1-4 was wondering if anybody has a dvd recorder to record it and if so would they be willing to record the episodes for me im willing to pay just dont think i can hold out till end of year to buy it lol.
cheers chantelle. xx

um well im not sure what season we are up to, but in our season, jethro got made go away, loretta no longer lives at the family home, etc, etc - what season is that?
season 4 sheree the latests season in aus, i had to buy it off ebay cos i missed heaps, and have brought every other series so im bloody hanging for number 5 and hope to god they keep making it!! i remember when i started watching it i was pregnant with zac and up at 2-3am cos i was so big and pregnant that i couldnt sleep.. memories hahaha

oohhh can u buy season 5 off ebay?? yeah i used to watch it too at about those times cause i was pregnant too and i loved it, then andy got into it and now we watch it religiously every sunday night!! I love it!! lol
ummm, u seem to know me, but ive no clue who u r - lovemalilboy??
na dont think u can get season 5 off ebay yet.. lol im dieing for it.. yea i got my partner into it as well smile now its "us" time when we watch it! btw im carolynn just changed my name ages ago

Hehe they actually filmed part of season 3 (I think?) in my aunty's house, and I've driven past the OF house when they've been filming, Wolf almost reversed into my car lol

Last night was bloody awesome! WATCH IT HERE!

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